The Committee of Attitude Adjustment

Apparently an announcement was made recently announcing the citizens appointed to the Town of Aurora’s Committee of Adjustment for the 2014-2018 term.

I understand that 4 of the 5 members from last term are returning.

One member is new, and it isn’t “Mayor” Gallo who threw a twit fit about it here:

The sense of entitlement that is on display here is simply amazing!

It reminds me When shortly after Mr. Gallo was defeated at the polls in the 2006 election he phoned elected Clr. Buck and asked her to step aside so he could take her place.

Gallo is likely still reeling from his more recent, and much more amazing loss in the 2014 election in which his ass was handed to him by Mayor Dawe.

But with sour grapes tweets like this one it appears Gallo is channeling one of Aurora’s sorest political losers Nigel Kean who got all pissy about the selection of members for the Sesquicentennial Ad-Hoc committee which I commented on here:

A subtle difference is replacing Kean’s #winning: with #insulting


From an ex-councilor whose appointment was an insult to those in the community that rallied to hold a by-election but were denied?

From an ex-councilor that insulted those families that were wrongly sued in a SLAPP action that he supported?

From an Mayoral candidate that insulted one of Aurora’s largest businesses in a candidate meeting by running his mouth off that they were up and leaving town when in fact they are purchasing the land and expanding their operations?

From a Mayoral candidate that insulted the public’s intelligence by hoping no one would notice his campaign slogan “let’s do something amazing” was lifted from a cheesy Nicorette advertisement:

There are so many examples of how I found Gallo’s “7 years on council” to be insulting that I’m convinced that there’s nothing the Town of Aurora could do to insult John Gallo anywhere close to what mother nature did.

Congratulations to every member of the Town’s Committee of Adjustment.

Over the next 4 years I look forward to all your #amazing work.

Something that seems to be in short supply from Mr. Gallo as evidenced by his tweets.


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