Call of Doody

Abraham Lincoln once said: "He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know."

I can’t be 100% sure but I’m guessing this was uttered shortly after receiving a robocall from Aurora/Newmarket M.P.P. Chris Blowhard Ballard.

It’s hard to fathom that Ballard could actually increase his number of hang-ups as a member of provincial parliament from those he showcased on Aurora town council but he has. Our house received 2 robocalls from Ballard in a 3 day period. First Saturday just after noon, and then again Monday evening around the dinner hour.

As a parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services you would think that Ballard would make even the slightest attempt to be sensitive to consumers who have increasingly pushed back against unsolicited calls in recent years with efforts such as nomorobo ( ) and reverse robocall.

The latter was a web-based civic action site set up by Shaun Dakin and Aaron Titus that leveled the playing field allowing users to record a message through the site and perform their own robocalls to politicians and lobbyists.

Sadly this effort was only available in the US, and has since folded but you can catch a snippet over on CBC radio here:

Everyone knows that robo-calls suck. Even John Jameson president of a Washington, D.C. robocall business explains what everyone already knows, that robo-calls are as likely to sour people as compel them, and that they are almost a total waste of money:

And if there’s anything Ballard and his government are experts in it’s wasting money.

While many are called few are as chosen as our M.P.P. who revels in choosing unsolicited one-way communication over meaningful engagement with the electorate.


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