Climate Change denial in Aurora

Electronic signs don’t appear to be the only things in Aurora malfunctioning due in part to colder temperatures.

Apparently elements form The Aurora Archives & Collection, recently acquired from the negligent Aurora Historical Society, continues to be at risk of fluctuation in temperature and humidity.

Apparently sensor readings taken from inside storage areas are showing the complete opposite of climate control.

What is flabbergasting about this is that one of the largest accomplishments celebrated about the renovations of the Church Street School when it was on its way to becoming the Aurora Heritage Center.

Former Clr. Buck provides some of the topsy-turvy history in this post from her blog here:

The curator prepared an application and was successful in obtaining a $770. thousand grant for the building. It was intended , among other things, to provide the climate controlled environment necessary to protect artifacts.

The Aurora Historical Society continues to champion the system as a “state of the art, climate control storage facility“, here’s a slide from a presentation they made to council back in 2012:

When I toured the storage areas back in 2013 I took some pics which can be found in this post here:

Although I was unable to spot the open drain that the CAM group brought to the attention of council I did spot a rather wimpy looking air ex changer at one end of the space:

The obvious question is exactly how state of the art is the climate system installed at Church Street School?

Who installed it and at what cost?

And what are the operating parameters of said system?

When I made some inquires by way of a councilor here is what I was informed:

The problem is specifically with the archival collection that’s kept on the first floor and the prolonged cold weather making it difficult to maintain the relative humidity at the recommended levels.
The current HVAC system which is designed to help control the climate within those rooms is only rated to -20°. When the temperature dips below it the system can manage for a short period of time but if it stays below that for a long period of time condensation can build up in the unit which ends up freezing and that’s what created the problem for the archival collection, in terms of keeping the relative humidity at the desired level.
To remedy the situation a new part/component has been ordered that will increase the capability of the unit so that now the rating will be increased to -29°


So the state of the art system that was installed can’t handle sustained external temperatures of -20 common for Canadian winters?

And is it any wonder the HVAC system is insufficient in controlling the environmentals in a building that has single pane glass windows.

Single pane glass in winter has an R value of 0.9.

So while council is patting themselves on the back for all LEED measures they have implemented in the $multi-million joint ops center, the operation of Church Street school is anything but innovative or sustainable.

Something former Clr. Buck pointed out in her post here:

It’s so bad we were told that the temperature issues have also compromised the elevator at Church Street school which severely limits the buildings accessibility.

Even increasing the rating of the system to -29° does nothing to protect all of the large artifacts stored in the basement as these are are afforded no climate control. These artifacts also continue to be exposed to a security risk, but that may be changing as the curator revealed the intent to move these items to the newly acquired Armory.

Yes the Armory that has not been cleared of asbestos or remediated from soil and groundwater contamination.

An Armoury the town purchased for another $500,000 without declaring its intended use.

Add that to $400,000+ for an Asset Management system that failed to detect mold at the Family Leisure Complex, which delayed the opening of that facility and added additional costs of $600,000.

The only conclusion I can make from all this is Aurora is being sold “state of the art” but is continuously being delivered a state of denial.


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