Very Pathetic Network

David Purdy, a Senior Vice President of Canada’s most loathed IP recently called on the Canadian government to shut down the use of VPNs (virtual private networks).

Michael Geist pointed out that “since virtual private networks are widely used within the business community and play a crucial role for consumers in preserving user privacy, enabling access to information, and facilitating free speech” there would be some significant legal hurdles. Not even China can pull this level of censorship off. You can read more about the absurdity here:

Rogers demonstrates a complete void of ethics which I have commented on multiple times here:

What is sickening is how they bully themselves around the Canadian marketplace as though they’re not a protected oligarchy using regulatory capture to appropriate as much income as possible.

Back in 2013 The Star reported Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed bullshit claim that “Canada doesn’t
need fourth wireless carrier:

Translation: “we really don’t feel that we need to compete with anyone so if you could just ban any sort of method for competition to appear anywhere near our walled garden, that would be great…”

Don’t already have a VPN and are interested in exploring them? Be sure to check out Torrentfreak’s fourth iteration of its VPN services review compares logging practices and privacy sensitive policies:

As for Rogers why not try minding your own business and stop going all Freddy Krueger in ours.

Watts on your mind?

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