Want to create jobs, why not just make them up?

Instead of admitting poor performance and addressing the obvious need to change course it appears that Newmarket’s mayor would prefer to double-down on the issue and dispute the Region’s employment figures that I pointed out in a previous post here:

In Lisa Queen’s article published today Mayor Van Bynen argued “Newmarket’s employment would have grown by a healthy 4.7 per cent if it hadn’t lost the Flextronics and police jobs.” You can read the piece here: http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/5473559-newmarket-mayor-tony-van-bynen-challenges-regional-report-showing-poor-job-growth-in-town/

Wait, so Newmarket’s Mayor is saying that the town is incapable of achieving a healthy rate of economic growth is due to its inability to absorb losses by only 2 of its employers over a 5 year period?

The combined jobs referenced total 1224, and these aren’t new jobs, just jobs the town was unable to retain.

Add this to the other 100 and we’re up to 1,324.

That’s hardly “standing up” to other municipalities at all.

What else ya got Mayor?

“The health care sector grew by 54 per cent over the past 10 years, while the business services sector grew by 44 per cent.”

So what’s your point? Where other municipalities have capitalized greatly in these sectors over the past 5 years Newmarket has failed.

If the “town is focusing on attracting jobs of the future” the question is why, unlike the rest of the region, does that focus have to come at the cost of the jobs of today?

Is the Mayor insinuating that Markham, King, Aurora or Vaughan’s economic growth not as futuristic as Newmarket’s?

I don’t buy it.

And what is this nonsense about being constrained by limited industrial lands?

Didn’t seem to be a problem here in Aurora.

Having to roll the clock back an additional 5 years to find jobs is desperation at its finest and only reinforces Newmarket’s sharp downward trend.

What is the most bizarre thing to read in all of this is the suggestion that the town should now hire a second economic development officer to boost efforts to attract and retain businesses.

Okay so the “economic development implementation plan drafted by town consultants several years ago noted resources in that area are severely constrained”, but as a result the town hired an economic development officer and spent $3/4 of a Million.

During his watch the town lost 1224 jobs and gained 100.

Mission accomplished, right?

It seems like the whole exercise of attracting jobs is well beyond this person’s capabilities and the knee-jerk response is to bypass the whole thing entirely and have the town hire more economic development officers?

It will certainly add to the town’s job creation totals but if that’s not the textbook definition of a false economy I don’t know what is.


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