The Point Of No Return

While no doubt tax returns are on everyone’s minds there is another return in Aurora that has been getting some attention.

That being the grand return of the Aurora Museum. A feat that for the past decade has been amounted to nothing more than lip service:

After assuming the Aurora collection from the Aurora Historical society who demonstrated an inability to care and display it despite receiving annual grants from the town for this purpose :, the Town of Aurora hired a curator last fall.

During The Historical Society’s Annual General meeting, attended by a total of 37 people : the town’s curator gave a presentation titled “The Return Of The Aurora Museum”. Here’s the cover slide which
looked promising:

Unfortunately no more the 30 minutes into the presentation and the audience was informed that and return of The Aurora Museum is nothing more than a fantasy.

The Auroran picked up on this in their March 4th article here:

and the “Aurora Museum” moniker of days gone by might be just that.

“I need to ensure everything is there, starting with an appropriate mission and mandate – starting with what we’re calling this entity. It has been the Aurora Museum in the past and right now I am referring to it as the Aurora Collection and Archives.”

And with that the Aurora Museum sails off into the sunset, relegated to the history books.

In its place the curator revealed her 3-5yr plan that will showcase a single exhibit per year in The Aurora


That’s right, one per year:

Ironically the first exhibit focusing on Church Street School could include the sign to The Aurora Museum as a way to remind Aurorans what has been sacrificed to provide for our exceptional quality of life for all:

“It has been a long journey, full of many twists and turns.” is a polite way of saying the past 10 years has been an exercise in futility:

Church Street School was restored with funding to become The Aurora Heritage Centre.

Instead The Aurora “Cultural” Centre has taken over and only after a review of its poorly cobbled together Cultural Services agreement was the Aurora Room reserved by the town for the purposes of establishing a Heritage display space.

Now instead of a dynamic and engaging Museum space the Aurora Museum will exhibit a stagnant display for an entire calendar year?

I’m not impressed, especially if it’s anything like the one curated for the town’s 150th celebration:

As much as some may want to portray this “long journey, full of many twists and turns” it is not one that has come full circle.

While some of Aurora’s relics were content in quibbling over the semantics behind a shift from Museum to Museology what has been happening has been redefining the acronym R.I.P. from Return of Possible to Rest in Pieces.

For all those seeking to explore Aurora’s Museum all signs continue to point to nowhere.


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