too bad so GLAD

We learn that back in January of 2014 an outfit called VisionQuest Environmental were retained by the town of Aurora as consultants at a costing of almost $34,000:

I understand over $12,000 of that was spent. I have inquired as what happens to any remaining balance and the grant money but have yet to hear back.

So what exactly did the town receive for this spend?

Shortly after being awarded this assignment a representative gave a delegation to council:

Over the year that passed since each time the issue of Clear bags was promoted it was always done with heavy product placement featuring GLAD brand products.

Case and point the town’s 2015 Waste calendar. Here’s the back side of the first page:

And what are the chances that GLAD payed the town for this advertising?

Doubtful considering VisionQuest peddling GLAD bags to Durham in a report from 2009:

If you make it to the end of the report you see a breakdown of consulting costs in the $30,000 range to include a purchase of, yes you guessed it GLAD brand garbage bags:

$2,867 worth.

The consistent heavy promotion for GLAD brand clear garbage bags made me question weather the environmental strategy we were paying for was little more than one big commercial featuring The Man From GLAD

A quick trip to the visionQuest website confirmed my suspicions.

The Profile of the President of VisionQuest here: claims he is: “able to assess opportunities and constraints from both sides of the table with a balance understanding of public / private policy”

The other side of the table being the almost ten years with The Clorox Company (GLAD Ltd.)

If that wasn’t an eye-opener, it gets better when you read the testimonials here:

Vice President & General Manager of The Clorox Company of Canada Ltd. is quoted as saying:
“David helped increase the utilization of GLAD “See Through” Bags from approximately 300K hhlds to over 3 million Canadian hhlds.”

Here’s a screen grab:

Read that again.

Increase the utilization of not just “See Through”, but specifically GLAD “See Through” bags.

While you’re at it VisionQuest why not up sell residents GLAD brand privacy bags that go inside the clear bags too?

It’s no surprise that a peddler of petrochemicals is endorsing a an outfit like VisionQuest to extol the benefits of a clear bag program that would increase the amount of plastic required to collect and process our waste.

Talk about putting the mental in Environ-mental.

I’m proud of Aurora’s town council for not blindly following Markham and kicking this program to the curb.

As a company that is incapable of selling their services to their own municipality VisionQuest’s team needs to have their vision checked.

Sounds like a job for Clorox!


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