While visiting Church Street School yesterday to meet with town staff though I’m sure myvisit has already been added to the Cultural Center’s total for 2015, I couldn’t help but notice this sign taped to the elevator doors:

I touched on the issue of the building’s elevator in a post following my last visit here:

Church Street School is a town run facility, maintenance of which costs over $150,000 a year.
While being told by council and staff that Aurora is providing a high level of service to residents for some reason the elevator in this newly renovated building is so slow that those wishing to use it are now dissuaded.

Something doesn’t add up here.

Another huge strike against the building is for residents, like myself that are not in walking distance of the building that are looking for parking.

Here is the parking depicted in the 2007 Site Plan for the Aurora Heritage Centre:

Parking to the West of Church Street School is the Aurora Public Libary’s parking lot.

The whole aspect of accessible parking in the downtown core was a serious enough issue earlier this year when bylaw announced they were going to ramp up enforcement in the area:

But come the March 2nd budget meeting Mayor Dawe laughed off the issue as though it were a bad joke:

Yeah, really funny.

The Aurora “Cultural” Center is not self sufficient, and never will be.

The elevator is very slow, so don’t use it.

Oh and there’s under 20 parking spaces, so good luck with that.

Next time you hear the phrase “Supporting an Exceptional Quality of Life for All” in reference to Aurora’s cultural scene wait for the pause, because it’s likely followed by a bunch of laughs.

April Fools indeed.

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