Aurora’s Backyard Sign Composting Program

While commentors over on Evelyn Buck’s blog here: were waiting for me to crunch campaign expense numbers for failed mayoral candidate John Gallo, see previous post, I was more interested in zeroing in one specific campaign expense across the board.

That being signs.

In Aurora’s 2010 election one candidate chose not to use signs and came up short.

Not wanting to make that mistake the 2014 election saw such a proliferation of signs that shortly after the election newly elected Clr.

Mrakas advanced a notice of Motion to curb sign pollution in future elections.

Let’s explore exactly how much focus candidates are placing on signage and the costs involved.

In the Mayoral race Dawe spent $3,285 on signs, representing 9.3% of his campaign budget of $35,389.

Dawe captured 8903 votes representing a cost per vote spend for his signs at 40 cents.

Contrast that with Gallo who spent $5,955 on signs, representing 13.8% of his campaign budget of $42,932.56.

Gallo only captured a pitiful 4106 votes representing a cost per vote spend for his signs at $1.45. $1 higher than Dawe’s.

Gallo spent a total of $2,669.23 more than Dawe on signs.

Total spend on signs by both candidates : $9,240.97

Over in the Councillor race I was able to get numbers for all but 5 candidates.
Cohen & Buck had not filed expenses before the deadline and the reports for candidates Cook, Etwell & Stephens are incomplete.

The largest amount spent on signs was Pullano at a total of $4111.93

The next top 6 in descending order are Mrakas – $3871.78, Desai – $3675.46, Abel – $3652.07, Thompson – $3185.47, Thom – $2981.69 & Topouzova – $2833.66

It’s interesting to note that 3 out of the top 7 highest spenders on signs failed to get elected, those being Pullano, Desai and Topouzova.

In fact Desai spent more just in stakes for his signs ($745.37) than 5 other candidates did on their whole signs budget.

All for nothing.

When we rank the 7 highest spends on a cost per vote basis Topouzova paid the most at $1.72 followed by Pullano – $1.69, Barret – $1.42, Desai – $1.37, Mrakas – $1.01, Hoyes – $0.93 & Chapman – $0.88.

Only 2 of those 7 candidates were elected.

The average cost per vote was around $0.58 and the combined spend by all council candidates : $42,954

Total 2014 election sign cost for mayoral and council candidates : $52,195

9 of those candidates now occupy council seats.

A few of them obviously fail to grasp the irony behind advocating a volunteer based “clear bag” program as a means to increase waste diversion targets after pissing all over Aurora’s curbs in a feeble attempt to mark their territory.

Are we supposed to believe that “environmentally this is the right thing for us to be doing??

* Cartoon adapted from Graeme Mackay, you can find his amazing work at:


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