notice of commotion

Just days before last October’s election wannabe “Mayor” Gallo twitted to his followers:

Be a leader. Not a follower. #leadbyexample #wordstoliveby

This tweet included the following image:

Gallo spared no expense to get noticed which is reflected in his campaign expense report showing a deficit of over $10,000.

Gallo’s campaign expenses totaled $42,931.56 which was spent on every conceivable gimmick. From pins to squishy soccer balls, he even had tacky matchbooks printed:

Talk about literally setting campaign money on fire.

The only people Gallo can claim to be the voice of now are those whose money he flushed away on multiple flyers, t-shirts and full-color signs featuring his face.

Which is all fine provided the money is in the bank to fund such extravagance.

It clearly wasn’t as Gallo was only able to raise under $33,000.

The largest portion of this came from a single fundraising event bringing in $21,600.

This amount would sound impressive if the event itself didn’t end up costing over $17,000.

Total net from this event : $4100. An amount that is $1,800 short of the amount Gallo spent on his signs.

For someone preaching to others about leading by example exactly what example has Gallo set by running such a fiscally unsustainable campaign?

So much energy and commotion spent in getting noticed.

Which mayoral candidate did Aurora notice more?

Definitely Gallo.

Almost the entire term as Councillor Aurora also noticed Gallo’s absence in the community.

No amount of money or commotion can shore up such a deficiency come election time.

Spending 20% more than you have may not result in one being considered a “visionary”, but it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

#wordstoliveby indeed.


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