Bikes for kids 2015

Last year I posted about a great local initiative that collects, restores and returns to the community kids bikes:

Well they’re back this year and here is their notice taken from a local recycling group noticeboard:

Optimist Aurora is running their forth annual “Bikes for Kids” event. They are looking for kids bikes to be donated. They will fix them up and donate them to kids in need. Operation Sparrow is working with the Club to locate kids in need.

If you have a bike of any size you are willing to part with (kids do come in all sizes), they would love to fix it up and give it a new home. Bikes are being dropped off at 5 Illingworth Ct, Aurora or you can contact me to arrange pick up before April 21st.

Thanks for your consideration.

Cindy – mrs.crone at

Check your garages and sheds and see how you can help out.

Later this weekend I’ll be walking over a bike I diverted from someone else’s curb waste.


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