Making Advances

While the Star is focusing on top earning Mayors in Canada it singled out Frank Scarpitti earning

Did anyone catch the line showing Newmarket Mayor Van Bynen earning at $182,464 last year?:

The fact that Van Bynen out earned other much larger municipalities in York Region like Vaughan & Richmond Hill is cause alone for a WTF?

But the fact that he earned more than the mayors of Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver is a huge WTF?

He even pulled in more than the mayors of 4 of Canada’s capital cities: Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnepeg, and Halifax.

A definite cause for WTF?

The “town of” Newmarket is listed in the chart under “city”, but it is not one.

Population referenced : 79,978

When stacked up against mayors of real cities with well over 10x the population there is a solid case to be made that this is a case of disproportionate compensation.

That is unless Mayor Van Bynen’s leadership alone is so intrinsically amazing and has directly contributed to a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity for the residents of Newmarket.

Newmarket residents each pay $2.30 for Van Bynen’s sunshine paycheck and I suspect there is an underlying expectation that the level of sunshine afforded to their mayor would feed “The beehive of industry!”

Some years back it was Van Bynen belief that “A new logo and slogan can give Newmarket a competitive advantage. This is a big part of our overall economic development and marketing plan to attract new businesses to Newmarket and create homegrown career opportunities.” as reported on the town’s website here:

$125,000 later and some years later that didn’t exactly pan out as Newmarket only reported a net job gain of 100 jobs in 5 years:

Just last month The Toronto Star reported on how Mayor Van Bynen’s efforts to “change attitudes” around transit have negatively impacted the local business comunity with businesses forced to layoff employees:

Then we’re learning about Van Bynen’s relentless campaign to implement the Province’s failed photo radar project when numbers are showing a decrease in speeding offences:

Under a week ago we read about Newmarket residents soaking up $1/2 Million water loss:

U.S. Industrialist Henry Ford once said “As we advance we learn the limits of our abilities”.

So what will it take for Newmarket to learn the limits of it’s mayor’s abilities?

A: Nothing shy of $180,000.

Watts on your mind?

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