five hundred and seventy jobbbbbbbsss….

Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen, recently revealed to be the 4th highest paid Mayor in all of Canada acknowledged he’s not pleased with Newmarket’s employment results in an update to a recent report that showed Newmarket only netting 100 jobs over a 5 year period.

The Error’s latest piece has updated that number so that it now shows a whopping 570 jobs:

Bynen is quoted in the article as stating: “I’m not happy any time we don’t see the same rate of growth as the overall regional average” but no sooner has he recognized his town’s poor performance he starts trotting out the excuses:

“I also know we’re going through a significant transition right now.”

Transition you say, from what to what?

What is the significance of said transition as to how it impacts current employment levels?

“I don’t know if there’s any other municipalities that have the level of intensification or the density in York Region that Newmarket has,”

The Mayor of Newmarket, and member of York Regional council honestly don’t know the answer to these questions?


And then there’s this:

“I think some of the reality is Newmarket is land-bound”

So what?

Aurora isn’t “land bound”?

“And we did lose some fairly significant employment pieces”

Other municipalities didn’t?

The whole call to action in the Mayor’s own words: “that kind of reinforces the need for us to focus on our economic development”

Kind of?

How exactly did the Town of Newmarket ever lose focus on its economic development?

Well, we learn that The town has set aside money to hire an economic development officer but has used the money on other economic development initiatives.

Wait, what?

The town approves a budget and sets strategic initiatives matching them with resources.

Now we hear:

“That position has been included in our budget for at least two or three years. We’ve deployed those resources differently,”


You mean deployed with disastrous results.

What is more disappointing is that without the metrics advanced by the town’s regional 5 year report and some investigative journalism how would this issue have been communicated to residents in an open an honest manner by council or staff?

Newmarket needs to own it’s losses if it is to restore confidence that this failure is some kind of “transition” and not a collapse.

I agree with one commentor on the the Error piece which I’ll share here:

“Governments role in job creation is to facilitate, not create. Couch that with how many jobs have been lost, and how many businesses have closed because of Davis Dr. Most retail on Davis is GONE, and it won’t come back for the foreseeable future. A few high tech jobs, as a result of broadband, does not meet the needs of unemployed youth. Lets stop making up statistics to gain politial traction, and DO something about reality. Politicans have taken a perfectly good town, and wrecked it with pie in the sky bad planning. East Gwillinberry and Aurora, have capitalized on Newmarkets mistakes”

Intensification and density aside I don’t know if there’s any other municipalities that have the level of economic ineptitude in York Region that Newmarket has.


One thought on “five hundred and seventy jobbbbbbbsss….

  1. Aurora had a staff position for years described as “Expansion and Retention” Every year I asked what’s had been accomplished. The last time I asked the question the PlanningDirector claimed the expansion and re-location of Aw Shucks. I had some inquiries made. Nothing on the radar.
    I subsequently asked how a bureacrat goes about advising business how to retain and expand. The Mayor refused to direct the question for response.
    It’s all bafflegab.
    Think about it.
    If an industry has no work, there is no revenue to foot the bill for rent and payroll. What would a bureacrat advise? Raise taxes. Oh no wait. That’s how they get paid for productivity.
    Lowering taxes might be a good start. Obstructive bylaws might be another area for scrutiny.
    But for bureaucrats that would definitely be contra-indicated.
    When elected politicians align themselves with bureaucrats ,nothing useful comes out of that.
    It’s all Whoo- Wha . It’s how Topsy grows. The system feeds into it.
    The idea the bureacracy knows better than industry is 100% contradictory.

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