Last term council in their infinite wisdom decided to select the Aurora Family Leisure Complex as the ideal site to mash in a “dedicated space for youth”.

No doubt recognizing that the Aurora Family Leisure Complex was outdated and suffering from its own design flaws council likely thought that by using it as a space to stick Aurora’s youth they would be getting a two-fer.

Instead what they got was one sizable mess.

After a soft opening of the new facility letter after letter started hitting The Auroran with the users that are not youth voicing their frustrations on how they have been short-changed in the whole deal.

Over on the Aurora Community Focus site Anna points out the constraints Aurora Town Staff were backed into on this project:

“… the intent was not to create a bigger better fitness area, or bigger better squash area, or bigger better pool area. Focus of the redesign was to create youth space and address the needs of youth.”

You can read the post in full here:

Throwing a “dedicated space for youth” at a site on Industrial Parkway certainly doesn’t score any points as being easily accessible for youth given the extremely limited transit options in place.

I was further flummoxed when watching the 2015 budget meetings. How a facility upgrade that flaunts a main feature of a new rock climbing wall would even have council waffle about the exclusion of staff position to run the feature as a way to conserve costs.


The whole project has been anything but a win-win when it comes to costs.

Back in January The Auroran reported on the “you’ve got Mold” debacle that resulted in $600,000 in additional costs. I commented on it here:

The project has undeniably left a huge impact on both the users of the facility as well as the town’s coffers.

Council members from last term that are responsible for this rather sloppy mash-up need to step back and recognize how far offside their direction was so they can up their game.

The next time council embarks on a dedicated effort to service the needs of one age group it needs to ensure that all parties, not just the one targeted, are engaged so that a fail of this magnitude isn’t repeated.


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