Garbage Sale at Garage Sale prices

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that York Region taxpayers just spent “a few hundred dollars” to send the manager of waste operations in York to Ottawa:

I’m left wondering why York is eating this cost and not Ottawa but leaving aside this matter of a few hundred dollars for now I want to focus on the fact that Miller provides waste services to the regional municipality.

Having worked with Miller for five years Gordon has recommended Miller Waste Systems to Ottawa council ‘s environmental committee, he is quoted in the article as saying:

“In my opinion, Miller’s engineering and operating expertise in the recycling field is second to none, if they claim they can do something, they will do it and it will be well done.”

As well as:

“Miller is a fairly large employer in York Region and they’re doing well for us in terms of value for money as a contractor”

Okay, so someone needs to answer why, given the Region’s endorsement, Aurora choose Green4Life (formerly Turtle Island) over Miller Waste.

I touched on the $1 Million annual cost savings that the 6 regional municipalities were projected to save by going with Green4Life:

I zeroed in on Aurora’s 2015 Solid Waste figures provided via the budget, which show a cost/resident of just over $30.

In that piece a staff report from Stoufville also endorsed Miller Waste Systems as “providing nothing but exemplary service for 20 years.”

I have yet to see any report to say anything complementary to Green4life’s level of service.

It is common knowledge that awarding contracts to the lowest bidder does not guarantee that you will receive an exemplary level of service.

Instead this contract with Green4Life has come back to bite all N6 municipalities in the ass.

Which is why it is puzzling why Aurora would chose cost savings over providing a high level of service when Aurora’s politicians defend residential tax increases as being directly proportional to the “higher level of service” the town provides.

The two don’t add up.

Neither does the fact that our Mayor, Deputy Mayor along with a Regional Councilor for Markham would cite Markham as a poster child for waste diversion and a reason why Aurora should follow suit, when Aurora has consciously chosen not to contract its waste services to the contractor the Region itself is endorsing on the taxpayer’s dime.

Just as Aurora has no need to wrap its garbage in extra layers of plastic as the only means to divert waste, it has no need for politicians playing both sides of the fence.

Is Aurora getting a level of service with it’s waste contractor commensurate with our higher than average tax rate?

Or are we just asked to pay for the wasteful decisions made on behalf of our members of council that rubber stamp what is put before them at budget time?


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