Back in the beginning of 2014 Mayor Geoff Dawe was quoted in the Error Banner saying that :

“Wireless Internet service is an indispensable tool for people on the go and free access at our facilities will be a tremendous benefit for visitors who have Internet-connected devices, but may not have a data plan.”

This was following the roll-out of free Wifi at the Stronach Rec Complex and the 1st floor of town hall. You can read the full piece here: http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/4333985-aurora-launches-free-wifi-at-2-facilities/

The article closes by stating “The town may consider expanding the service to other facilities.”.

Since over a year has past I instinctively went to connect my ipad to the wifi at the Aurora “Cultural” Centre and noticed the absence of a guest account to which to connect.

Given the Cultural Centre has now had five years of operations to work out any glitches I assumed that one simply had to seek out a password to one of the secure networks to gain access.

Not so.

When I found a member of staff they infomed me that the Centre only provides WiFi to paid clients that rent the facility.

That’s right. The “we will never be sustainable” Aurora Cultural Centre receives $380,000 a year in funding from the town, as well as a building the town pays to operate (likely at a cost over $150,000) and this isn’t enough so they have to covet their wifi?

If Wifi is both indispensable tool and a tremendous benefit why would the “Cultural” Centre cock-block their visitors when steps visitors to The Aurora Public Library, a fellow “Cultural round table” partner, connect to their wifi seamlessly?

Leading online local bar and restaurant guide Urbanspoon serves up a heat map showing 16 local restaurants, bars and coffee shops that provide free Wifi. You can see it here:

It’s pretty sad when an organization that coughs up a slogan of “Be engaged. Be inspired.” fails to compete on both fronts in comparison with the local Tim Hortons.


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