Pane In The Neck

Back at the end of February I wrote a post questioning the energy efficiency behind the retrofits of Church Street School:

At that time I was of the understanding that the windows were the original single pane glass, but after visiting the Centre’s website here: we read:

All windows within the Centre have an inside storm pane for energy efficiency and are ultra violet protected.

Wondering how accurate this statement was I looked around for myself this week.

Here is a window showing the aforementioned storm pane:

And here is one without:

So the Centre’s claim that “All windows have an inside storm pane” is obviously pure and utter bullshit.

As is another statement from the same page:

This room has housed displays of artifacts by the Aurora Historical Society (their Aurora Collection of artifacts and archives are housed at the Centre)

The Aurora Collection is not owned by the Aurora Hysterical Society but by the town. Something that happened in August of 2013.

It appears that The Cultural Centre has failed to update their website.

If these items found on a single page are reflective of The Centre’s website it cannot be considered as accurate source of information.

With so much focus on hosting snotty wine tastings, booking cheesy one hit wonder acts among other non-events the important business practice of accuracy, like sustainability goes out the window.


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