in stupid, no one can hear you stream

The town’s attempt at community engagement with respect to the outlandish multi-million dollar Joint Ops Centre has been like watching a sitcom that some studio exec forgot to cancel.

The open house/BBQ I commented on in this post: netted a whole 9 people.

Instead of seeing this opportunity as a wake-up call it appears our Mayor has decided to double down on the stupid by pointing a camera at it:

“Adapting the live-streaming technology we have successfully used for our committee meetings is a great way to engage residents and provide a convenient way to follow the construction progress.”

You can read the full piece here:

Wait, so plugging in a 24/7 camera to video the construction phase of a rather bland building is a “great way to engage residents”?

Really? why exactly? because the mayor says so.


I dialed into the feed and it’s like watching paint dry, literally.

If this is the kind of content Mayor Dawe believes to be engaging I would hate to see his Netflix queue.

The more the town fumbles with its communications the more I believe that Mayor Dawe really doesn’t have any grasp as to what constitutes public “engagement”.

This August 2013 piece from Design Taxi provides a solid backgrounder: it concludes by stating the basic fact is engagement is an essential factor or end-result of a successful social media strategy.

A successful Social Media Strategy is something the Town of Aurora doesn’t have, as recognized by council in a recent unanimous vote to overhaul it’s entire communications efforts.

First off the “live streaming technology used for committee meetings” can hardly be considered being used successfully, here’s a recent post on how inept the town has been about managing these video pieces:

What is more frustrating is that it doesn’t require a strategy to know that pointing a camera at something doesn’t make it interesting.

This has been proven just by watching the Mayor at any council or committee meetings, even with his strange facial quirks he’s, well boring.

You couldn’t ask for a less engaging person in that chair.

The town hasn’t “adapted” live streaming technology, it’s implemented in the most usless way possible, not unlike the scenario in this cartoon:


The new Joint Operations Centre doesn’t “represents a significant financial investment for our community”, it represents a significant financial misstep, and if council is serious about addressing the serious concerns the public has regarding this project it needs to move from live streams to revenue streams to pay for this elephant that previous council green lit.


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