wrapping oneself in the town’s flag

Yesterday before the town’s scheduled General Committee meeting there was a meaningless “reintroduction” of the official flag.

That’s right there is absolutely nothing stopping the town’s flag from being flown at any time in conjunction with the town’s logo, it simply isn’t.

It doesn’t require a council motion to fly the town’s flag, and if it did what does that tell you about the level of beuracracy at town hall?

The town’s press release reads: “Aurora to fly official flag at Town Hall”

Well, duh.

Here’s an out of the box notion: ask staff to fly the damn thing.

If this flag was shelved 9 years ago I think the question needs to be asked why no one bothered to pull it out for the town’s 150th birthday.

That was a mystery to me back in 2013 when I discovered the town’s crest (the only thing on the town’s flag other than St. Andrew’s Cross) is not an officially recognized coat of arms:

A better initiative would have been to start at that point and then re-introduce the flag as a way to recognize this accomplishment.

Instead, a rookie councilor has wasted council’s time by waiving a motion to fly a flag so he can stand in front of it and flash his dorky grin.

This non-event boils down to a single douche-baggy thing: a politician in search of a photo-op.

It was even advertised on the town’s website as a “Photo Oppotunity”:

Did anyone taking photos stop to take a photo of the back side of the flag where the materials tab is and see exactly where is this town flag is made?

My guess is that it wasn’t made by the vendor at the Aurora Farmers Market (& Art-is-anal fair) that makes hand stitched flags but instead comes from the same country that makes Clr. Thom’s cheesy pocket squares.

Because, hey to some Councilors the town’s business is all style over substance.


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