The Ontario Regressive Conservative Party continues along its self devouring path.

The infighting that erupted close to home in the lead up to their candidate selection resulted in a level headed candidate dropping out because they felt threatened by another who wasn’t event deemed fit to run:

Now we are learning that an altercation at the acclamation meeting for the lifeless candidate they did select to run resulted in an alleged assault against a member of the audience that is going to court:

And although I’m no fan of Chris Ballard who was elected it doesn’t take a genius to see the irony in that the ineffectual seat-filler that was appointed to replace Ballard at the council table was none other than the OPC riding President for Newmarket – Aurora : Don Constant-bull ( )

Having their asses handed to them again the collective brain trust of the remaining sheeple in the OPC have replaced their last fearless leader Tim Who-Dak with an even bigger dolt in Patrcik Brown.

There’s a well written comment by an anonymous poster over on Evelyn Buck’s blog here: that advances the metaphor of sustenance.

Patrick Brown is definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel of steaming “common sense” gruel that over the past 2 decades fewer and fewer Ontarions are willing to stomach.

They say you are what you eat and the malnourished ass-hats that gather around this party’s trough are still chanting “Please sir, I want some more”.

Playing with Giants is an documentary that opens by showing Brown chugging a can of redbull and then shoving some kind of prepackaged breakfast bar into his face as though he is some kind of 24/7 machine.

I’m not suggesting that Ontario needs a granola muchin, soy milk slurping leader but where’s the sustainability in a diet of energy bars and red-bull?

For a party that has already hit the wall what happens when their leader suddenly does?

When it comes to the OPC there’s very little difference between the act of fueling oneself and fooling oneself, and having its new leader presenting himself like the character Shooter McGavin as portrayed by Christopher McDonald in the 1996 movie Happy Gilmore isn’t going to help their case any:


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