that empty feeling inside

A discussion has started over on Evelyn Buck’s blog regarding the Aurora “Cultural” Centre’s complete absence of life during a typical weekday. You can follow it here:

One anonymous commentor posting on May 23rd at 23:16 claims: “There’s never any “empty space.”

Really, and how often does said person visit the Aurora Cultural Centre?

Since making weekly visits starting back in April at different times of the day ranging from 9:30 – 4pm all I am, greeted with is empty space.

I have been there for periods over an hour in length and there is absolutely no one but staff.

For an organization proclaiming to be the “envy of municipalities across the country” it is strange that there is absolutely nothing compelling residents or visitors to flock to the “Cultural” Centre during the daytime hours.

Unlike the plans drafted by Lynch + Commissio Architects for the Aurora Heritage Centre that showed a portion of the main floor of the building being used for leased office space, complete with gift store and cafe with wireless internet:

The only thing the Aurora “Cultural” Centre features from this mock-up are the ghost like figures.

Instead that space has been dedicated to a static gallery with no wireless internet access provided to casual visitors.

Even those 400 series highway signs: aren’t drawing in any crowds.

It’s ludicrous that this organization came begging to the town this March for an additional $10,000 claiming they need a dedicated front desk person to free up other staff because they feel “overwhelmed”.


If the “Cultural” Centre can provide a tally of total visits over a 1 year period I would like to see a breakdown of the % of these visits during the daytime hours vs, weekend and evening events.

Now for addressing the commetor’s equally baseless 2nd point: “it’s very popular with everyone’s hero, Christopher. Apparently, he can’t stay away.”

The Aurora “Cultural” Centre isn’t popular with me. I can and continue to stay away from their mediocre events and offerings. The Centre’s limited scope of what constitutes “culture” is as insulting as the public funds being flushed with absolutely no attempt being made at self sustainability.

For someone so preoccupied with tracking my visits to Church Street School they have made no attempt to understand why, instead assuming I’m there struck by the awe that is the Aurora Cultural Center.


I visit the Church Street School, a facility owned by the Town of Aurora, not a “Cultural” Centre. Once inside I bypass the Centre’s begging box and empty halls and head straight to the one space that was begrudgingly handed back to the town after demonstrating the Centre’s inability to use it for its intended purpose: the Town’s Museum & Archives.

Not inconsistent with my visits to the archives in the same building over 2 years ago that some troll (perhaps the same one) couldn’t resist making a similar empty remark about:

Given there are so few heartbeats at that facility on any given day I can only assume this commentor, someone so empty they can’t even to use their own name, is on the Centre’s staff.

Someone that instead of engaging a visitor to their facility their reaction is inexplicably to hide behind a paper survey and hopefully fade into the background so they can ooze out platitudes as empty as the contents of their head.


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