In Good Company, just not ours

After learning of the loss of Magna earlier in the month the Town of Aurora has turned its attention from its “disappointing” efforts in business retention to that of staff retention with The Auroran breaking the story of the impending departure of its CAO:

I’m not sure why putting the i in C(I)AO will suddenly create a “huge void” as since his arrival watching a town meeting felt like watching an episode of Zach Galifianakis’ show “Between Two Ferns”.

We learn that Mr. Garbe served as Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives and Administration at The Region of York. The very same Region which has strategically positioned itself into 2 Billion in debt in the past decade.

We also learn that Mr. Garbe previously held a position of Director of Community Planning for the Region as well. A Region that put itself on the map as one that has planned ahead for affordable housing in its communities.

The town’s current Manager of communications that has increased his department’s budget up by 200% since being hired only to now have to face the reality that his department’s effectiveness is being called into question also came from the Region.

One has to stop and wonder why Aurora continues to welcome the Region’s castaways.

H.R. seems to be a ramshackle affair at the Town in recent years with at least 2 staff members on long term stress leave; the town’s previous Communciation Manager and Heritage Planning Manager.

In this year’s budget cycle staff costs associated with staff training could not be justified, nor impact explained with any degree of satisfaction.

And then there’s the whole issue of succession planning that seems to be overlooked. Anna over on Aurora’s Community Focus site addressed that issue in a recent post here:

We are repeatedly told that the hefty compensation for senior staff positions are required to ensure quality and retention, but when we learn that Aurora’s CAO is leaving to become CAO of Richmondhill.

One can’t help but notice the $50,000 pay increase between the two municipalities:

When choosing between two firms, it appears our CAO has declined the lure of being “in good company” in favor of somewhere “a little south, a little nicer”.


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