Irony. It’s like goldy and silvery but made out of iron.

Heavy metals are metallic chemical elements that have a relatively high density.

Not unlike the editors of a paper honoured for overall excellence both nationally and internationally.

Last week I posted about how said paper demonstrated said excellence by using a photo of downtown Newmarket alongside a story of Aurora :

If that wasn’t enough of a gaff this paper has now referred to an Aurora-based athlete’s achievements like this:

The Banner doesn’t seem to have a problem when it comes to mentioning how it is continuously showered with awards, here’s a snippet from their website:

“Between the Ontario Community Newspapers Association, Canadian Community Newspapers Association and Suburban Newspapers of America, both publications win numerous awards annually, in a variety of categories — seven in 2009 alone.”

So if one was to browse the obviously overflowing awards case at the paper’s office they would see awards in areas like, oh I don’t know maybe editing?

Watts on your mind?

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