chain dink fence

When Clr. Thom isn’t shopping for the perfect pocket square, he’s creating work for town staff out of the most inane things.

First it was his motion to bring out of retirement the town’s old official flag that has no merits in being a flag whatsoever:

More recently at the June 16th General Committee meeting he made a big issue over a little fence.

Contrary to staff Clr. Thom was advocating the replacement of an old post and rail fence with the same for no other reason than aesthetics, because chain link fencing, oh my god the horrors, the horrors!

You can watch Clr. Thom get himself way in over his head here:
as he continues to question staff with respect to issues of security and property boundary delineation. The segment of the meeting is from 33:00 – 51:22.

Is it a “heritage” fence, like the one at Hillary House which literally fell apart due to neglect?


Did any of the neighbours oppose the replacement of the fence with a chain link one?


The point that summarizes Clr. Thom’s limited grasp of reason was captured well in this July 2nd piece from The Auroran: where Clr. Pirri has to point out, what seems to be a very simple concept, of how a municipality regulates access to town-owned lands.

I’m so glad that the majority of councilors came down on the side of right side of the fence on this non-issue and hope that Clr. Thom recognizes this as a teachable moment so that he can remove the rather large wedgie he struts around with and get down to the real business of the town.


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