Weekly Inspiration – Bulk Yarn

Remember 3 years ago when Clr. Gaertner was unwilling to welcome Canada’s largest bulk food retailer to town because she thought that there was a better use of the 22 acres of employment lands that Bulk Barn’s headquarters now occupies? I do:

Clr. Gaertner, being the quintessential hipster she is, will be pleased to know that Bulk Barn is revamping its image and becoming more hip. Melissa Dune reports in her May piece in Metro News here: http://metronews.ca/food/1367424/how-bulk-barn-went-from-lame-to-hipster-fame/

One thing that will not only remain, but appears to be growing is the whimsical names they are giving their products.

I’m inspired

Watts on your mind?

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