run from southlake

July 2nd The Error Banner reported that the Run (or Walk) for Southlake was a success: raising $280,000.

Only $132,000 shy of the CEO of the hospital’s take home in 2014 that I commented on that in this April post here:

In this April 29th article in the Auroran: we learn the event has raised over $1 million in 8 years.

And how much has the CEO of the hospital cost in that same period?

Is it over $2 Million?

Something is broken if “replacing each and every bed at Southlake is a priority right now” but all the money raised through this run isn’t even covering the costs of a single administrative staff member.

And something is indeed broken as evidenced on June 30th when all but 2 members of the board of directors for Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation resign en masse as reported in this Toronto Star piece:

What or who exactly would be creating an environment at Southlake that would force the majority of its foundations members to compromise their principles and values?

The statements made by Foundation president and CEO in this July 8th Error Banner article: fly in the face of transparency and should be refused outright by the public who deserve answers.

For an organization that is committed to the value of “integrity” no one is buying the “I honestly don’t know the reason” bullshit.

If the foundation is not willing to trust the public with the truth then the public has no reason to trust the foundation until this is resolved.

As both the hospital CEO and one of 2 remaining foundation board members it is exceptionally disappointing that Dr. Dave Williams did not respond to a request for comment.

Two years ago when pausing for a photo-op for a $1 million cheque in this Bradford times piece: Williams noted that the hospital’s motto, of “shockingly excellent service” is “really all about treating people like family.


I can’t disagree with the whole shocking part, but is this how someone believes you treat family?

How about 2 incidents where nurses were assaulted one year apart:

How about gouging hospital visitors with exorbitant parking rates and calling it a “revenue stream”:

The R.O.I. for a $400,000+ paycheck is often framed in a way that speaks to “exceptional leadership”, something that is in short supply at Southlake,

Before lacing up for next year’s run those responsible that are so quick to run away from their problems need to realize that is a race they’ll never win.


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