the running of the bullshit

The Toronto Star reports that Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation is hemorrhaging more volunteers:

In this article a source reports that these latest members resigned because the “hospital has not taken any action to solve the problems that created the resignations” over the past few weeks.

Instead of handling this alarming event in an open and transparent manner the chair of the hospital board deferred all comments to the hospital’s media team, which continues to chant no comment.

In the comments section to this article there are some interesting insights.

First this one:

The foundation chair and board have voice opposition to foundation raised money being used to cover daily operating expenses and salaries.

The foundation’s mandate is to raise money for building expansion and new equipment, not band-aids and supplies.

The hospital boards mandate is to manage the budget and operate the hospital with in their means and not run a deficit, something that they are struggling to accomplish.

This doesn’t compute with what the hospital has communicated in their 2013/2014 Treasurers report which showed revenues over expenses of $7.1 million for 2013/14.

But another commentator is also convinced the hospital may have budget issues they’re not talking about:

they have recently renovated / expanded in Newmarket if memory serves correct , they may have experienced some cost overruns that could be impacting the budget .. and a ‘ quick fix ‘ by tapping the foundation monies is tempting

Interestingly enough the hospital announced yesterday is tendering the construction of a 10 bed hospice:

A $12 million campaign will fund all capital expenses associated with the project, including furnishings, and will contribute to operating expenses for the first three years.

So that much is clear, what is needed now is an audit of Southlake’s books for the 2014/2015 period which cuts through all the bullshit to show both the sources of revenue (including exorbitant parking fees) and pressures including the $412,000+ cost of the hospital’s CEO.


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