Parking Mad


In January Mayor La-de-Dawe gave notice of motion with respect to a Street Parking Plan for the downtown core:

This motion appears to be making good on a “bold plan” Dawe announced around the last election. Here is a direct link to his concept:

In this blog post Dawe asserts that “There is rarely a parking problem – but there is a perception of parking problems.”:


There is a very real parking problem in Aurora: the lack of an accessible parking lot directly from Yonge Street.

Instead of a bold solution that resolves this shortcoming Dawe’s concept is to traffic calm Yonge Street by chicaning the entire stretch from Wellington all the way to Kennedy.


Has the mayor not learnt anything from the last traffic calming debacle?

Can you imagine how Emergency services and snow clearing services would be impacted by his ludicrous concept?

News flash Yonge Street’s “not a comfortable place to park.” because it’s a fucking highway.

What is the height of absurdity is that Dawe references an individual instrumental in the creation of the Promenade Study and is very familiar with Aurora (especially the historic downtown) yet Mayor Dawe’s concept is in direct opposition to everything laid out in the approved Aurora Promenade Streetscape Design and Implementation Plan.

I invite you to review the plan and identify anywhere in the document where this concept fits into the design.

Aurora isn’t lacking a “people-friendly” environment it’s lacking everything written on the town’s website under the topic of “parking” here:

Vibrant downtown core?

Really? Who is the town trying to kid?

A “Wide range of shopping, dining and cultural opportunities”?


The entire problem with downtown Aurora is that there are so few reasons for people to stop their cars in the first place.

Dawe’s plan isn’t bold it is just plain old.

It’s the same type of bullshit one encounters when they read “take advantage of the ample parking options..”

If it is not convenient, if it is not obvious then it is not an option.


Claiming the town has 700 parking spots is useless unless anyone looking for parking can find them.

Why is the library parking lot often quite full? Because it is the only parking lot in the area one can easily access of Yonge Street.

Instead of encroaching onto a highway, narrowing it to 1 lane in either direction why not look for a way the town could provide a real parking solution in the downtown core?

One only has to get on Google Maps and take a birds eye view of Aurora’s “cultural pre-stink” to see how isolated everything is from a vehicular perspective.

A bold plan would be for the town to acquire Yonge Street frontage just north of the library by way of a building set back in from the street.

Removal of this rather unimpressive, and non-historic building, along with the removal of the old fire hall on Victoria would radically change the parking possibilities around library square:


It would do so by not only providing a comfortable place to park that is consistent with the Aurora Promenade but one that is obvious when approached from 3 streets, most importantly Yonge Street.

It would also spare Aurora from another traffic calming fiasco welcoming vehicular traffic through its main street instead of displacing it onto side streets.

It would also be in keeping with the Promenade Plan.

Something Mayor Dawe’s concept cannot claim.

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