Sunday Lest

Sundays will be a lot sunnier in Aurora as the last Sunday edition of the Error Banner was rolled out this weekend.

The poor excuse for a newspaper that recently culled its Tuesday edition has now terminated its weekend edition reducing its efforts to a single paper on Thursdays.

Earlier this month when Metroland Media’s paper in Caledon axed its Tuesday edition it did so by recognizing it was reacting to “changes in the local market and the broader media industry”:

Unwilling to concede that there is no longer any demand for their product two members of the paper produced this laughable piece of spin:

This is a business decision plain and simple.

Instead of acknowledging that advertisers no longer saw value in sustaining a Sunday Error
Banner these two went off on how it was some kind of emotional rollercoaster making it sound like they were euthanizing a family pet

No one is lamenting the Sunday ritual of picking up their Banner and depositing it into their blue-bin.

Amongst those mixed emotions must have been jubilation and elation in the knowledge off all the trees that have now been spared.

When reading the term “scrappy” to define the paper I could only conclude that I was witnessing another typo with one “s” and one “p” too many.

The only thing the Thursday paper is “jam packed” with is store flyers.

They even go so far to state that they deliver “compelling daily content”. This from the outfit that leads stories about pudding:

The fact that it took two people to write this makes it exceptionally sad.

Honesty isn’t the paper’s strong suit, which is even more evident in how they portray their audience.

They laughably wrote that they have 4,200 more homes, which equates to 7000 “new readers”.


7000 “potential” readers maybe, but what is the statistical probability that all those papers delivered are actually read?

It’s as unlikely as their claim that “More than 4 million people” have enjoyed their online content this year.

Yeah right.

How is this number arrived at?

Single article views does not equate to unique views. When you factor in that the population of the entire region is 1/4 of this number this claim seems to be a gross exaggeration.

The level of denial is as strong, if not stronger than back in 2013 when they claimed “continued commitment to making our newspapers and website your undeniably best source of news locally.” :

Looks like the only way they will reach that goal is folding the paper entirely, something they seem to be getting closer to every day.


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