poetry in motion

That is one way to describe the town of Aurora’s needlessly complex communication of its budget materials over the past decade.

Another would be profuse obfuscation.

This issue will now come under some much-needed scrutiny thanks to Clr. Humfrey’s recent motion to address how far off the mark is in reaching its audience in this area.

The council discussion is covered in this Sept. 2nd piece in The Auroran here: http://ht.ly/RL4B0

You can also watch it via Robbers TV here: http://www.rogerstv.com/page.aspx?lid=237&rid=69&sid=3186&gid=236884

The motion starts @ the 2 hour and 28 minute mark.

This now brings the total to 3 motions this year to deal with shoring up the Town’s inadequate performance in communications.

A pattern that is thankfully being recognized, not only around the table but by the interim CAO.

Even before this motion makes it to the floor the CAO addresses it between from 2h 06 min – 2h 07 min where he acknowledges gaps and the need for a “straightforward communication plan”.

His assessment was very straightforward: “As an organization we have to do a much better job.”

Well said.

The town can’t operate from a communication plan that is not straightforward while simultaneously boasting it somehow provides an “exceptional quality of life for all”.

As council attempts to tackle how to increase engagement this is a great place to start.

If this complexification isn’t being done deliberately to deter engagement in the budget process then it is due to a breakdown in how the corporation manages its communications as a whole.

The fact that staff requires a motion from council to avoid spewing mumbo-jumbo raises the question as to why, as professionals they could not recognize this themselves.

It’s as if communications theory was thrown out the window in favor of adopting an 80’s music video


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