a momentary lapse in judgment?

Senator Mike Duffy is charged with 31 offences including fraud, breach of trust and bribery and faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted.

Considering the National Post reported he previously lost a battle in Tax Court over a claim for more than $27,000 in business expenses he had tried to deduct from his income this doesn’t appear to be something that simply gets chalked up to an oops moment :

No doubt Aurora/Newmarket MP Lois Brown would like to avoid and deflect from her an event she held for the Senator as a “special guest” on the front page of the Auroran the week of week of November 17, 2009:

In a previous post in 2013 I floated the question if Duffy expensed this event:

Well it turns out now in 2015 we get the answer.

Yes he did and at cost to you of $5,922

Here’s a recent report by the Error Banner: http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/5918297-liberal-candidate-and-conservative-mp-trade-blows-over-mike-duffy/

I’m not surprised that Brown has declined to comment on the specifics of the Duffy matter before the courts.

What would be appropriate is for her to comment on what compelled her to chose Duffy as her “special guest” for her event.

A senator who displayed a complete lack of critical thinking on Peter Gzowski’s CBC show, Morningside when he dismissed the Senate.

We learn that in March 2010, Duffy criticized the University of King’s College and other journalism schools in Canada for teaching Noam Chomsky and critical thinking. Thankfully the head of King’s School of Journalism rebuffed the Senator and said she would not apologize for teaching critical thinking to journalism students.

The lack, and even despise for critical thinking seems to be a bond between those in the Harper government.

Their mantra is to drone on and on about how bad the economy is yet they have no problem pissing away public money on themselves.

Lois Brown’s complacency in all of this speaks volumes.

Her contributions to the riding of Aurora / Newmarket are a source of perpetual disappointment.

Voters obviously suffered from a lapse in judgement in electing her but that moment has passed.


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