Aurora’s Cultural Gold mine

Aurora’s cultural destination, as marked by signs on the 400 series highways, is none other than the Aurora “Cultural” Centre.

If you weren’t able to have your fillings rattled at their sold out Dan Hill concert, don’t worry because what they have programmed for October 1st is an equally solid gold hit.

International Auction, a parasitical outfit like TV’s Russel Olliver, will be onsite to pay you a fraction of the value of your rare collectables, memorabilia, jewellery and precious metals.

In their flyer they made a point to state that they even accept “dental gold”:

Now there’s a telltale sign of a quality business.

In the same flyer that they failed to spell Church Street correctly, not once:

but twice:

Equally laughable is the advertised “Free Parking” complete with exclamation mark. Yeah, good luck with that.

Yes Aurorans this is a limited engagement. If you happen to miss this one-day event at the “Cultural” Centre you’ll be forced to track them down at equally prestigious venues like the Travelodge or the Holiday Inn in Barrie.

The hefty subsidization from the Town of Aurora in the form of a rent free building plus a gold mine of over $380,000 to purvey “Cultural Services” we are obviously incapable of providing ourselves like this one, are a significant tax pressure.

A tax pressure that has weaseled its way onto our tax bill for the past 5 years shunning the intention of ever becoming self-sustainable.


Because without them Aurora’s entire cultural scene would collapse, and where would we be if we couldn’t pawn grandma’s old teeth?

The whole thing plays out like this Royal Canadian Air Farce skit from 1996:


Watts on your mind?

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