Politicians, like underwear, should be changed often, and for the same reasons.

Earlier this week Canada changed its collective underwear for the first time in over 9 years. After a gruelling 11 week sniff test with only 31% of Canadians outright denying the existence of a growing number of odoriferous skid marks with the rest holding their noses and eyes watering it was time for real change.

As expected there is some residual grumbling from those that were just not ready to separate themselves from their own filth but when reading Andrew Coyne’s October

21st piece in the National Post here: http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/andrew-coyne-conservatives-brought-down-by-their-own-cynicism I have to agree that we won’t be rushing to put that pair of stained tighty-whites back on anytime soon.

It is the coming to terms with an unrecoverable moment that I want to expand on here, particularly the $2 Million fraud that the City of Barrie is investigating as covered in my previous post. Over on Evelyn Buck’s blog here:
http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.com/2015/10/follow-money.html a naive commentor believes there is a chance that “Maybe the money in Barrie can be recovered?”


And Maybe Stephen Harper would still be the Prime Minister of Canada if he could have exhibited even a glimpse of comprehension as to what Canadians expect from a leader. But no, he was a Con-sistent fuckweasle to the end.

Even watching his concession speech he failed to announce stepping down as leader of the party. Instead of standing up, like a leader taking his medicine and admitting he was past his “best before date”, he skulked out the back door calling out, over his shoulder, “And fuck you people, I quit.”

What’s done is done.

Harper’s conservatives were so done there wasn’t the slightest hesitation as to whether or not to kick them into the laundry basket. It was straight to the garbage can.

Recovery is not an option.

Nor does it seem to be in the cards for the City of Barrie.

This is a fraud that has gone on for over 4 years involving $3 Million changing hands with $2 Million of that now being considered fraud.

The accused contractor boasts on their website that:

We are know(s) as Central Ontario’s premier full-service contractor

as well as

Barrie, Innisfil and the GTA’s first choice contractor in excavation, grading, water and sewer site servicing, snow and ice management and facility management.

Under a section titled “WORKING WITH YOU” it reads:

Our dependable team is dedicated to providing you with creative cost-effective solutions for your landscaping needs.

$2 Million creative indeed.

I am particularly fond of how this contractor used twitter to boast how he’ll clean up the mess when other contractor’s self-explode, and using the hashtag makingwintermybitch while allegedly screwing his customer out of $2 Million:

On his way to becoming a full Advanced Snow Manager the accused contractor is featured in this SnowMatters piece from February 18, 2014: http://snowmatters.blogspot.com/2014/02/interview-with-travis-graham-wilkes.html
citing him as the first person to officially earn the Core Principles certificate in Advanced Snow Management.

The contractor says that putting ASM and or CSP next to your name is extremely important in order to stand out and make customers feel comfortable with you as their service provider.

Okay, but submitting inflated and duplicate invoices, although definitely helped him stand out, maybe not so much on the whole making customer feel comfortable thing.

While the contractor was securing his coveted certification, the other accused in this fraud the former manager of Corporate Facilities was accepting an award:

The PEM Maintenance Award recognizes Canadian manufacturing facilities for their maintenance excellence and asset management professionalism and rewards facilities for unique initiatives in their maintenance and reliability practices.

In the video, at around 1:36 the accused is heard saying: “you need to utilize your resources to their utmost fullest”

Which is obviously the case when your employer requests a criminal investigation into your “unique initiatives”.

Quoted in the original Barrie Examiner article the Barrie manager was let go by the city in May yet it hasn’t hurt his employability.

When visiting his LinkedIn profile it shows he is presently employed as the Manager, Maintenance Response with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority since July.


So back to the question of the laundered money from the City of Barrie.

Can it be recovered?

It’s a lot like the question can a politician change their own underwear?


But the longer we hold our breath the more unlikely the outcome.

As for the Mayor of Barrie, if he is serious about addressing the strategic priority of “Responsible Spending” as outlined in his June 30th blog post: http://mayorsblog.barrie.ca/ he need to address this issue immediately as a leader and not someone hoping no one notices the smell.


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