not impressed

Metroland Media is the outfit that boasts “award-winning journalism, photography & advertising” while consistently delivering the complete opposite.

The fact that their vapid excuse for a newspaper, only a step above Crap’d, has recently reduced their physical paper delivery from 3 times a week to 1 is a clear indication of demand.

A year ago the paper ran this piece celebrating its milestone more like a kidney stone:

They claim the paper provides advertisers a “unique and compelling package of local news and shopping information that caters specifically to the town’s residents and businesses”.  Bullshit they incorporated in their 2014 media kit they laughably claimed that “No target is unreachable” :

You mean like the target of Metroland’s own ad revenue, which was just reached negative 8.8%:

Attempts to sway advertisers to the digital side are interesting with a lot of eyes on the Toronto Star. Even more eyes are on those surfing the digital version of the Error Banner which is awash not only in online crapvertising, but a large list of cookies and trackers hoping to target you in every way possible.

I turned off my browser controls momentarily to get this screengrab of all the crap going on in the background of the Banner’s site:

and then promptly turned it back on.

If York Region News Group is going to target my online viewing to this ridiculous a degree then I am resigned to ad-block their site.

For a company that lists under their “About us” section: “We are the newspapers of record, the distribution company of dependability, adaptability and outstanding service and the innovative media services company of tomorrow.”

It is less than impressive to find that the link to “enquire about advertising opportunities” is broken.

Just one more target out of their reach.


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