Another Peace of the Puzzle

One commenter over on Evelyn Buck’s blog is confused by inconsistencies when it comes to naming the Aurora Cenotaph and grounds:

I too was confused by the name “Aurora War Memorial Peace Park” back when I made this post in 2010:

In Jacqueline Stuart’s October 21st letter to the Auroran here: she makes reference to a re-dedication of the park the Cenotaph is in, or adjacent to in 1992 as part of the celebrations of Canada’s 125th anniversary. Stuart also provided a link to this rather sparse explanation of the program:

As Canada ramps up to celebrate its 150th it is is examining the successes and lessons learned during planning of previous national celebrations, including Canada’s 125th anniversary whose national projects included the dedication of 450 Peace Parks nationwide:

But the number of 450 parks was never achieved.

This equally sparse one pager on the project put the number around 381 including the one here in Aurora:

Even though this group called the “International Institute for Peace Through Tourism” was unable to reach the target of 450 parks during the nation’s 125th birthday they had the audacity to set an even more ridiculous goal: to have active involvement of every community in Canada by the year 2000.

2000 came and went and that didn’t happen, so when 2007 rolled around the same group decided to hold a 15th anniversary of their “Peace Parks Across Canada” and raised the stakes even higher:

“Our goal is 2,010 Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010 commemorating the final year of the U.N. Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.”

Well 2010 passed by 5 years ago and there is no update on this organization’s website if they were able to reach that goal. I suspect not.

I can find no record of who signed Aurora up for the “Peace Parks Across Canada”, nor who decided it was appropriate to name the park the Cenotaph sits on a Peace Park.

Those pieces are missing.

There is something unsettling in the fact that the very place where there is no question as to what or who we remember, but why and how it changed to a “Peace Park” is all but forgotten


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