The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way

What the Town of Aurora’s approach to tree protection lacks in effectiveness and consistency it makes up for in rampant politicization.

3 months before her ass was thrown out of office one-term Mayor Phyllis Morris posed for a photo-op regarding 118 trees felled in a controversial Lebovic development:

Two years later it was a dozen trees that were felled on a golf course that became a huge deal:

Then there’s that whole debacle over the town’s refusal to the removal of three trees located in the southwest corner of 33 Longthorpe Court:

And we can’t forget Aurora’s 1st heritage tree, which was cut down only a couple short years after being designated:

This week’s Auroran has more back and forth on the town’s bylaws:

Surprisingly Mayor La-de-Dawe calls it like it is:

“It is a ludicrous discussion. Most people are very responsible and the ones who aren’t, like that clown down on Yonge Street who took out how many acres of trees, do you think he came to the Town to ask for a permit? I don’t think so.”

Yeah let’s talk about that clown shall we.

In the summer of 2013 clear-cutting and dumping occurred on a 3.75-acre parcel of land near Yonge Street and Industrial Parkway South in Aurora. Here is a Banner article:

One year later Remediation was slated as reported in this Banner piece here:

It stated that the property owner is working with town staff to ensure all town bylaws are followed.

Work involved replacing unregulated fill with regulated fill and that York Region staff was also “leading discussions” on the replacement of the trees that were clear cut without approval.

Okay so we’re 1 year past that and what has been done to said property that was supposedly “remediated”.

Well, given that there has been no meaningful communication from the Province, the Region or the Town of Aurora let’s go take a look on Google Maps shall we.

Here’s the property as seen untouched in September 2009:

Here’s a snapshot from June of 2013 after a good deal of the damage had been done:

Here’s another from May of this year:

And the most recent being from July of this year:

Does that look “remediated” to you?

Before the Town of Aurora wastes any more time with tinkering with its already restrictive tree bylaws it needs to answer some specific questions:

  • Exactly how much fill was replaced?
  • Where are the Ontario Ministry of the Environment reports that outline what was dumped/removed from the site?
  • How are the trees being replaced?
  • When does the Region consider this property fully remediated?

Until the town is able to answer these questions it is in no position to call anyone a clown. Nor can it proclaim it is providing an “Exceptional Quality of Life for All”.

Aurorans are no longer “in good company” when property owners are allowed to get away with the scorched earth we are witnessing here.

Watts on your mind?

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