innovation has a new home


While Aurora’s sending out for gelato Newmarket is being recognized for innovation with their Mayor showing off some new hardware in this recent tweet:

The closest Aurora’s Mayor has come to this was back in 2012 tweeting out three empty words: “home of innovation”.

Although not synonymous with the Town of Aurora inovation has been the subject of multiplw blog entries over the past couple years as I struggle to understand the ease at which town officals can agree on a strategy but slip into complacency when it comes time to act.

It’s as if there is some ingrained belief that risk avoidance is the yellow brick road leading to our “exceptional quality of life”.

The Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance released a 19 page study back in October of 2011 titled “Canada’s Innovation Underperformance.  Whose Policy problem is it?”

Of course this is a federal focus document but one recomendation put forward is a need for a more regionally and locally focused innovation policy approach.

As there are members of council who would find reading even a thin 19 page document a chore perhaps the following cheat-sheet would help:



To achieve this focus Aurora needs a serious innovation enema to flush out all the stale, underperforming fuddy duddies that keep driving our town’s potential 6 feet under:



Watts on your mind?

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