Just add snow

march break madness.JPG

If you’re looking for climate change denial look no further than the Town of Aurora’s website.

A snapshot of the first image on its landing page is featured above. Clicking it takes you here where both outdoor skating and tobogganing are listed among the top 5 ways to make the most of your March break.  Included in the copy is the caveat “If the snow decides to make an appearance”.

Snow has been disappearing all last week and over the weekend.  All day today lawns were continuing to green thanks to rain showers and a quick check of the Weather Network’s forecast calls for a total of less than 1 cm all week:


Even Georgina’s almighty ROC has closedMarch 10th citing on their website “warm weather conditions”


Yet somehow the Town of Aurora is fine with not even bothering to turn their head to look out the window and instead phoning in a stock photo of people tobogganing.

Watts on your mind?

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