put your money where your doubt is


The fiscally conservative high horse the Conservative Party of Canada rode in the 2015 election race that ejected jockey Stephen Harper in a dramatic fall was put down this week with the release of campaign expenses.

Here in Aurora former Conservative Lois Brown continued to defend the indefensible; of her feebly managed campaign.

During her 2011 campaign, Brown spent $77,006.38, compared to Peterson’s $69,749.79.

Yet in 2015 Brown spent over $117,000, an increase of $40,000.

Trying to spin the increase as due to a longer campaign may have held water if Peterson, who had the same length of campaign, had followed suit.

Thing is he didn’t.  Peterson spent $17,000+ less than 2011.

Brown outspent Peterson 2:1 and her R.O.I. was none of the 12,808 new votes cast from the 2011 election. All of those went to Peterson leaving no doubt as to which candidate is more fiscally responsible.

There has been a whole 5 months and she’s still unwilling to be held accountable for losing her seat as evidenced in her response: “I don’t know that we would have done anything differently.”

That mentality is exactly why she lost.

The riding of Newmarket-Aurora was a loser the entire time she held office.

The wikipedia page reads:  The major industry in the riding is manufacturing, and auto parts maker Magna International is the largest manufacturer.  A business and industry the riding lost on her watch.

Brown threw pocket change at Aurora’s only National Historic site, yet was alway front and centre when there was a photo-op to be had.

Brown was also posing for photos after dumping a federally contaminated site into the hands of the Town of Aurora allegedly without disclosing these details while scooping up over 1/2 $Million from the town.

For those that swallowed down her party’s trickle down economic bullshit rhetoric Brown’s record shows the opposite to be true.

Her claim that lavish campaign spending somehow stimulated the local economy is even more suspect when you read that her cookie-cutter campaign website was built by some outfit in Vancouver

If there was any ka-ching noises being heard as Harper touched down in the riding days before the election it was likely him cleaning out what was left in the till.


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