Let ‘er Rip


“Rags” was the once loved pet of the Hillaries, now they are literally what is hanging in front of a National Historic Site on Yonge Street.

One banner is untethered and wrapped around the post rendering it unreadable.  Here’s another shot from the other side:


On the Hysterical Society’s website is a post from August last year triumphantly boasting these new banners as “better signage for Hillary House National Historic Site in order to improve the site’s presence on Yonge Street.”

Yup, money well spent.

They went on to write: “We want everyone to know that we are here and make the front of the house as welcoming as possible.”

There’s welcome, and then there’s plain tacky and disheveled, the ability to distinguish between the two seems to continuously escape this group.

Why would the Federal government opt to provide this group with funding when they are clearly incapable of maintaining what they already have?


Watts on your mind?

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