A diamond in the rough


In team sports there is always that one player that struggles to keep up but ends up dragging the team down.

This was on display at the Town’s GC meeting of April 19th that I attended when council discussed the concept plans for Mavernac park.

While most of the discussion surrounded the Million dollar price-tag Clr. Jeff Thom seemed determined to inject his own ideas as to what should be incorporated into this park.  You can watch from  54:59 – 57:26

Thom pipes up about the fact that he has had a discussion with president of Aurora King Baseball Association and understands that they are “turning kids away”. He then drones on about there being a need for another ball diamond in the community.

For someone who purports to be so interested in history you would have thought he would have at least read up on the history of the AKBA considering it is right on their website.

At the end of 2010 the KTBA faced another challenge when Newmarket and Aurora withdrew from the YSIBA as their respective leagues were self-sustaining as a result of organic growth leading to increased player enrolment.

King tried a couple dance partners including Georgina, Bradford and Vaughan before partnering with Aurora, we then read:

By 2014, 60 players were now registered from King City – quite the growth from 5 players in 2001, 62 from Nobleton, 35 from Schomberg and interestingly 28 players drawn from neighbouring communities which had their own local House League programs in place but opted to play in the KTBA.

The Town of Aurora currently maintains 18 ball diamonds and page 5 of the Town’s Sports Field and Park Use policy outlines priority of these facilities, here is the exerpt:

priority.JPGNow over on the Aurora King Baseball site they list 13 locations, 10 of those are in Aurora.

Why does Clr. Thom believe Aurora needs to build and maintain more facilities to accomodate low priority use of a sport that is seeing growth in King when we already provide this one group with 3 times the number of fields?

Whose team is Clr. Thom on?

Watts on your mind?

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