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We are now at the halfway point of 2016 and the Live Stream Video Archive on the town’s website has not been updated once this year.

Videos of GC and Public Planning meetings are being recorded by town staff and are sporadically uploaded to the town’s YouTube channel but there is no set schedule for uploading.

Here is a review of recent uploads:

General Committee of April 19, 2016 – published 3 days later – April 22nd
Special Council of Monday, May 16, 2016 – published next day – May 17th
General Committee of May 17, 2016 – published 1 week later – May 24th.
Public Planning Meeting of May 25, 2016 – published next day – May 26th
General Committee of June 7th – published 1 week later – June 13th
Public Planning Meeting of June 29th, 2016 – published next day – June 30th

Absent from that list is the General Committee meeting of June 21st.  Which was posted today, a whole 15 days after the meeting.only after my inquiring as to why it was missing.

It was posted only after my inquiring as to why it was missing after I went searching for it to view prior to the June 28th meeting of council.

Posting it over two weeks after the meeting is still important from an archival standpoint but greatly diminishes the ability of those making an effort to stay engaged in a timely manner.  Hence the need to commit and follow a standard release schedule of this material.

Furthermore I am discouraged to learn that this video was only posted due to my request and would otherwise have remain shelved because it was deemed of “too poor quality”.

Really, and who makes that decision?  Is the quality affecting the video or audio? Was there any effort made to communicate in this channel that the video was not being uploaded? No.  Why would the video not simply be uploaded with a note in the description stating a disclaimer with respect to technical issues?

And just when you thought it couldn;t get any worse, I was informed that the video file that was missing was held back to “audio issues” but I could request a separate audio file of the meeting seeing as the video was somehow compromised.

Okay, sure.  Send me the audio file.  I said, wondering why the town wouldn’t automatically post it to the same youtube channel for public access with a note explaining how the video file was poor quality.

It was then I was informed an audio file was available for me, to pick up from town hall.  It was inexplicably burnt to physical media requiring me to pick it up in person, or that it could be mailed to me, obliviously incurring postal costs.


Surely a town that boasts an exceptional quality of life, and that has spent over $400,000 on asset management software has something as simple at its disposal as an ftp server.  Or at the very least could host the electronic file in any number of secure cloud hosting services, a number of which are free.

It being 2016 and all.

But no.

Not only does the Town of Aurora not post videos of recorded meetings ti their website, they have no set schedule for posting them to their YouTube Channel.  If they feel that a video fails to meet some sort of quality standard they simply don’t post it at all, without any explanation.

And if anyone should bother to ask for said video, and it turns out suitable recordings do exist that could be substituted efforts are not made to post these to the channel for the benefit of the public, instead they are inexplicably burnt to an archaic DVD disc needlessly consuming staff time and costs to produce and distribute.

Although I appreciate the Town of Aurora has been operating in the vacuum of a Communication Manager for several months now, and someone competent in that role for nearly a decade, and that intentions are there will be great improvements once this role is again filled, council as a whole needs to acknowledge that current initiatives are falling short of the objectives as identified in the strategic plan:


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