23 birthday towns and Aurora ain’t​ one


Richmond Hill, not Aurora, has been chosen as one of 23 host communities for an immersive mobile dome village celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary next year.

We learn that organizers of the sesquicentennial initiative, through the Ministry of Heritage, approached Richmond Hill based on their success of hosting the Olympic torch and Pan Am torch events.

Interesting considering Aurora held torch events for Olympic and Pan Am, the later in its self-declared Year of Sport, and wasted no opportunity boasting to all of us about how they were an “overwhelming success”.

Turns out in the eyes of others Aurora’s efforts weren’t exceptional after all.

Seeing as how host communities for SESQU could attract up to 22,500 visitors this has to be a huge wake-up call to ass-hat politicians and lobbyists seeking to position the town as some sort of sports tourist destination.

If the underwhelming efforts of the town’s Aurora 150th celebration from only 3 years ago, coupled with the shrinking Canada Day parade are indicators of what “Canada’s Birthday Town” has prepared for next year then we should all be able to safely decode “provide an exceptional quality of life” to mean come get your piece of slab cake from Longos.

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