the trash can is half full


One of only a handful of ways Aurora can actually claim to be providing an exceptional quality of life is through its waste diversion efforts.

The Banner reports that Aurora is ahead of targets.

If we explore Report No. IES16-063 we see that curbside waste generation results for 2015 reduce by 21kg per capita:


Table 3 provides a breakdown by category:


In addition to the total material being reduced all categories show a reduction with the exception of yard waste which likely spiked due to the winter storm damage of 2013/2014.

I’m not even sure why the town looks to count yard waste in the total materials if the intent is to reduce the total.

In fact, the total number targeted for 2021 is only a difference of 8kg, the rest is a diversion from one stream to another.  Less garbage with more blue box, but less solid state organic?  Isn’t the whole push to divert waste from garbage to SSO?  Why would the target amount of SSO go down?

Is the target to reduce garbage by 13kg realistic if it has one less place to go?

Earlier this year council luckily shit-canned Mayor La-De-Dawe’s motion to adopt a clear garbage bag program as a means to change behaviors.  Something that these numbers show to be an unnecessary measure given the town has already been able to reduce its garbage stream without them.

But if dangling the threat of garbage police wasn’t enough then prepare for staff to propose a bag tag system in 2018:



Given garbage is already being reduced proposing such a scheme seems like either undue punishment, a tax grab or both.

Council needs to flat out reject this recommendation, to avoid another clear bag debacle or face the electorate in 2018 who will gladly pay for a tag to toss council members to the curb.

Watts on your mind?

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