Echo Park


Back in 2012 Frank Stronach proposed an 83-acre “ecological legacy” 

In this March 2013 Banner piece Mayor Dawe is quoted as saying “The park could be under construction by 2014, adding Mr. Stronach would like it to happen as soon as possible.”

It’s 4 years on, there’s no park and questions are starting to circulate as to what happened with some wondering if the town looked a gift race horse in the mouth.

La De Dawe even lists the non-existent park as an “accomplishment” of his leadership:


What exactly has been accomplished?

Back in December of 2013 zoning was approved

In January of 2014 it was reported that “Progress continues to be made on the 83-acre eco park property”.

Then nothing.

It’s curious that the same Stronach group offered to build a $15 Million football complex in Florida and then last year reneged.

Is there an echo in here?

Watts on your mind?

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