Have Tech Expo, Will Travel


So the Aurora Chamber of Commerce held a Tech Expo last month:tech-expo.JPG

According to this Auroran piece they invited the Aurora business community … to King.


Read that again.

The event was held in King.

What message are you sending to Aurora’s business community when you have to travel outside of town borders to do business?

The event was a puny gathering of less than 20 tables, its not like there isn’t a single venue in all of town that could be rented for this purpose.  In fact there’s one in the town’s cultural precinct that was used for an environmental expo last year that held 3 times as many vendors.

WTF? # 2.

How is this not an exercise in redundancy when 8 days later one could choose to attend Canada’s Ultimate Consumer Electronics Show promoted by Startup York Region where advance tickets were also free:


If they have to pull up stakes anyway wouldn’t a better strategy for the Chamber simply be to sign up to exhibit at TAVE?


Watts on your mind?

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