Tax. Sweet, Sweet, Tax


Were you one of those negligent parents that god forbid handed out sugary candy on Halloween?

Tsk Tsk Tsk!  If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.  Perhaps you should be paying a tax on all that sugar you were pushing out the door onto all the unsuspecting and innocent children landing on your doorstep.

Yes, that’s the answer. At least it is to the sanctimonious ass-hats at Craptivate Aurora who are intent on lobbying local government to encourage a tax on high sugar beverages.

It seems to be working as Mayor “hands out of your pocket” Dawe is onboard as mentioned in a previous post.

It appears that someone has stolen the plot out of a Simpsons episode and decided to thrust it on the populace shouting “look at us doing good” we’re fighting Obesity!.

But does it?

Research says otherwise.

In this February 13th piece  from CTV Patrick Luciani, author of “XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame.” is quoted as saying:

“A lot of this stuff basically makes them feel good that they’re actually doing something but it won’t help with reducing weight overall,” 

She’s not alone.

In this Globe & Mail piece from May the conclusion is: ” a sugar-sweetened-beverage tax alone would likely do very little to improve population health outcomes if it fails to change behavior among low socioeconomic populations. Unfortunately, there is currently no research that indicates otherwise and, unless there is, we should refrain from implementing the tax.”

The Financial Post tells us sugar consumption keeps naturally falling in the U.S. and Canada even as obesity rates have climbed.

We learn in this CBC piece from August Denmark repealed its decades-old tax on soft drinks in 2013

There seems to be way more junk science than junk food behind this nanny state push to jam another tax down our throats.

Oh, and another thing.  Don’t fall victim to Craptivate Aurora’s shaming you on how you’re parenting your kids. It’s okay if you let your kids eat all the halloween candy they want.

Watts on your mind?

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