Walk To The Hand

Remember how Mayor Dawe tweeted his dismay about how walk to school had been “eradicated” and then we learned there was no evidence to support such claim.

While our Mayor, and some council members are content to pile blame for “inactive” kids on parents more than a few of them filled the council chambers to address this misconception.

Some of them took to schooling the mayor on how highschool students living in North East area of town faced over 1 hour commutes taking aim at the laudable, nay laughable goal of somehow claiming to be Canada’s “most” active community.

They’re not wrong either. Gere’s a google map estimate of walking time to Williams from the 2C area:


This example clocks in at 1 hour and 24 minutes. It is 7km which is beyond the 4.8km boundary set by the YCDSB but YRDSB students in grades 9-12 who live within a transit served area are not eligible for transportation.

It’s one thing to promote walk to school its another to eradicate any alternative to ot.

So who exactly is eradicating walk to school?  Well we learn the public board was ready to construct the new school as laid out in its plan at the cost of closing down G. W. Williams Secondary School. However, the community formed a coalition and convinced the board to keep the historical school open and not build new.

Students coming across town to fill Williams are not going to be walk to school candidates. It has nothing to do with any perceived level of activity it has to do with policy and impact. Both obviously lost on Mayor Dawe.

The article also makes the logical assumption that population boom and new development would require a new highschool yet we learn that available enrollment capacity in the schools in the community of Aurora to serve the student population.

That’s curious, until you talk with contractors that are doing work over on the 2C developments.  My understanding is that a majority of these new builds being sold are Asian investment properties. They are not being lived in.

Ghost houses don’t require the same services as real ones, making it easier for the town to provide the “exceptional quality of life” to those that don’t live here than those that do.


Watts on your mind?

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