Creating a Diversion

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Back in the summer our house was the recipient of a blue GLAD bag paperclipped to this notice:


We haven’t participated, nor are we likely to participate in said pilot program as it is completely unnecessary given the multitude of options already available to get rid of the materials listed.

Most of these are charities like OFCP , Kidney and Diabetes all ow which phone to schedule pickups on a monthly basis.  And if it was more convenient to donate at a box the latter just installed new boxes at the Superstore on Baview as recognized by back in September:


Salvation Army in Newmarket operates a storefront where you pull up and they will unload items from your car and even hand you a coupon as an incentive for shopping in their store which is a source of employment.

So why exactly does the town feel it necessary to target textile waste as something they need to target when the majority of textiles already have a diversion scheme.

How exactly can the town determine the “success” of this pilot?

Are they just going to write down the number of lbs collected and then pat themselves on the back?

How is this any indication the town is diverting textiles from landfill and not charities who use this as a revenue stream?

If the town wanted to target items for diversion they should start with a 3 listed on the flier as not accepted: Appliances, Furniture & Hazardous Waste as there is no easy way to get rid of them in town and they are the most likely candidates to enter the waste stream.


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