“If you play it safe in life you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow anymore.”


It isn’t Aurora’s residents who need to be “activated” it’s Aurora’s business community.

Last month after news broke that Magna is extending their stay by 5 years there was no doubt celebration and selfies from councilors who are content with resting their laurels on one business. But what is the town of Aurora doing with respect to growing and maintaining businesses that aren’t Magna, and how is it being measured year to year?

In this September 27th Banner piece York is touted as the 2nd largest business center in Ontario

I noted in a previous post how Aurora is completely absent from any mention in York Region’s business profiles.  If york Region is attracting and incubating new business it is happening everywhere but in Aurora.

This Banner article profiled a recent Toronto Real Estate Board Forum which the Mayor of Markham attended and spoke.

In all the coverage I was able to find there was absolutely no mention of Aurora except for their twitter feed which had this:


Here are the 3 powerpoint slides that were used to sum up Aurora:

The majority of reasons to locate a business in Aurora are distilled down to access to highways, oh and a laughable 30 minute drive to the airport.  Yeah right, 30 minutes.  Whatever.

This one stood out: “Significant investments in downtown revitalization with opportunities in the historic downtown”.


What significant investments has Aurora made in downtown revitalization exactly?

Are the “opportunities” mentioned the growing number of shuddered storefronts along the Yonge corridor  If these locations were desirable, or rent was reasonably priced they would be filled not empty serving as a daily reminder of the leadership Mayor La De Dawe campaigned on but after 6 years in office is woefully incapable of delivering on.

If the “significant opportunities for strategic partnerships with local businesses” are to be facilitated by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, an organization that itself is trying to justify its existence after itself falling into the red under leadership by Geoff Dawe it seems counterproductive that they are taking business outside the town.

Is the “strategic partnership with government” a reference to the all  but abandoned and questionably seperate macro site which under featured news the latest item is a call for business ambassadors from October 1.  o news in over 1 month.

That’s right, there has been no news in over 1 month.

Perhaps they were saving up all their resources to post out this tweet on October 17th:


Yes, because that’s what small businesses need in Aurora to be shouted at instead of listened to.


Collectively Aurora council needs to admit that either they are doing everything in their power to enable businesses to grown and thrive as per their strategic plan…and they just plain suck at it.  Or they need to commit to

Or they need to commit to stop playing it safe, and start taking some real risks because obsolescence is not part of an exceptional quality of life.

Watts on your mind?

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